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Carden - expert in providing proven employees from abroad

We provide skilled workers from the East and Asia and South America (Latin America)

Are you looking for employees for your company?

We have many years of experience in the field of acquiring both qualified and unqualified employees, responding to the needs of your company. We make it possible to employ workers from the East and Asia and South America (Latin America), which allows a reduction in labour costs and formalities. The people we recruit are conscientious and reliable employees who are willing to join the ranks of your company.
We provide a comprehensive service consisting of legal employment of employees from abroad, accompanying the employee at every stage of their work in Poland.
For many years we have been responsible for hiring employees from Poland and the East, and we also recruit for the German labour market. Our company is based in Legnica, Warsaw and Ukraine.

Who is the employee leasing for?

Leasing employees is an ideal solution for an employer who needs a fast and low-budget staff supply. It is a convenient and flexible form of employment, enabling an appropriate response to the dynamically changing market: increase or decrease in demand for work in the company. Employee leasing saves time and money by reducing expenses related to the recruitment and maintenance of an employee, as well as the costs related to placing paid ads on job offer websites. At each stage, we ensure that the costs incurred are optimised.
The responsibility for qualified and conscientious employees lies with us, as well as all other formalities related to their employment, accommodation and safety.
We address our offer to suppliers, retail chains, warehouses, production and service companies.

Employee leasing - how does it work?

1. we search and recruit employees according to the criteria provided to us by the client (we have a wide base of proven employees)

2. we complete the formalities related to the visa, residence and legal employment of foreigners in Poland and Germany

3. we are the employer for the temporary employee - our role is to provide HR and payroll services, periodic health and safety training, insurance and medical examinations
4. odpowiadamy za wypłaty wynagrodzeń dla pracowników tymczasowych
5. we pay the required social security, health insurance contributions, an advance on income tax and PFRON for the temporary employee
6. we are responsible for the accommodation and financing of the housing of temporary workers
7. we issue a VAT invoice for services to the client, which includes the total cost of employing Temporary Employees and a margin for our services

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We are a company with 100% Polish capital. We have been on the market since 2000. We support the development of the organization by reducing costs and increasing the quality of provided services. Our offer

Outsourcing, employee leasing and promotion services. Our business partners are organizations from Poland and the European Union, which are active on international markets.

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